Dry Spell

I’m going through a terribly long dry spell. It’s my fault because I don’t put myself out there more. But I’m 29, unemployed, and living with my mom at the moment so I don’t really have a lot to work with.

I really need to get laid. The last girl I fucked was a fat girl. I only banged her because she was supposed to be my slump buster. I was suppose to be good after that. You know how girls are only into you when other girls are into you? That’s why when you have a girlfriend, other girls start paying attention to you more. Well, girls were suppose to smell her pussy juice on my dick and start wanting to fuck me. Or maybe girls did want to fuck me but I was too much of a pussy to make a move. Or maybe fat girls’ pussy juices just have a different scent than hot girls’ pussy juices and it didn’t have the same type of attraction power.

Well anyways, that was a long time ago and now I need a new slump buster. I don’t even have anywhere to take her since I am a broke loser who is staying with my mom. I don’t think I’m smooth and charming enough to fuck a girl in my car. Pretty soon I probably won’t even remember how pussy feel anymore because it has been so long. I might unintentionally quality as a born again virgin and I’m not even religious.

I masturbated three times today. It is getting ridiculous. I heard you can channel your sexual energy and be more productive and focus in something else. I’m thinking about not jacking off anymore and learning how to channel that energy into my writing.

I will probably just end up fucking another fattie.


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